Best outdoor kitchen ideas in 2017

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Amusing pro Lulu Powers dreamed of a copper bar for decades, but worried it would turn green. Shelving with lacquer and treating the counter staves off weathering, and provides a glam spots for outdoor cocktail parties.


DIY Grill Surround

Feeling ambitious? It's possible for you to build your own outdoor kitchen space from stacked stones and also a DIY wood structure in under a couple of weeks.


Make it a full service kitchen.

You’ll need plumbing pipes and electric wires for stove and the sink to complete your total service kitchen, in case you'd like an outdoor kitchen beyond only a grill. This implies you’ll need to dig up part and your yard of your home to run out the lines, that will cost additional. Plan your budget so. You are able to make a space feel like an indoor kitchen with a wall sconce; it may also help conceal your wiring and plumbing.


Add shade.

No matter how hot the summer gets outside kitchens must be useable. Curtains draperies and also other shade remedies can block sunlight before it goes down. Add a pergola over-head to preserve some normal light without losing shadiness completely, if you want a more lasting approach.


Cedar Cabinetry

Cedar cabinetry and stainless countertops give this outside kitchen a modern feel; herb gardens full of juniper, yucca, and lavender provide the space-a natural sense.


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Backyard Cooking

At this Connecticut dwelling, most cooking requires spot outside, thanks to an Italian wood-burning pizza oven (extreme right), a stone grill for paella, a fire pit for roasting marshmallows, plus a brick built in barbecue having a rotisserie.


Chalkboard Wall

This freestanding outside kitchen device, created by by the bloggers behind The Horticult, was constructed on wheels so that it may readily be moved. A a huge chalk board wall is the ideal place to write menus and todo lists.


Natural Feel

This laidback area feels natural and yet polished, thanks to pavers, a bluestone countertop, plus a number of plants.


Summer Amusing

This Nantucket outdoor kitchen is the ultimate place to entertain—this one carries cooktops a grill, a fridge, a sink, and even a pizza oven.



In the Connecticut house of designer Bonnie Edelman, the stained oak ceiling of the pool kitchen pours warmth over cool stainless-steel cupboards. A drop down metal gate protects appliances from rain.


Notion with island

Eventually, summer kitchens be hidden behind sliding doorways in a space overlooking the backyard or can also be ordered in a wooden outdoor shed drop big enough. Locate each of the examples for an outdoor summer kitchen and contemporary aesthetic with all the pictures below!


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